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The three of us meet at a coffee shop or another location that is convenient for the both of you.  I tell you a little bit about myself, then you tell me a little bit about you met, the length of time you have been together, why it is that you want someone like me (non-traditional, spiritual, and fun) to perform YOUR marriage ceremony — the most significant and sacred part of your wedding day.  Then we decide if we are a good fit.


After determining we'll be a great team (!), you tell me your wedding date, the location, the start time, the number in your wedding party, etc. (all of these questions and a few details are in the contract that I will walk you through). Once I receive the $100.00 deposit which secures your wedding date, it goes on my calendar. About six to eight weeks before your wedding, I will give you a copy of "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, and ask that you read it before our next meeting.  This book will help you understand your partner even better and I will include some of what you learned in your ceremony. 


We will meet again about a month or so before the wedding at which time we'll discuss all the great things you now know about each other as a result of reading the book!  At this point, I will also need to secure from you the emails and phone numbers of four to six family members and friends (for each of you) who know, love, and adore you. I contact these special people because I need their insight in order to really personalize your ceremony.  They know you best and their input is invaluable.  A week before your nuptials – and if you so choose – for a small additional fee, I will send the two of you a temperament testing tool (it takes less than 5 minutes online!).  This tool will enhance your communication and conflict resolutions skills with each other big time! I will also send you three questions to answer specifically about each other, and that too will be incorporated into the ceremony. Remember, SHHHH!  Don't share your answers with each other as it's a secret!



About one week before your wedding, we will do an overview of the ceremony to make sure that you are comfortable with everything, determine if you wish to add anything (like vows that you've written or chosen), etc.


At the rehearsal, I'll go over what will happen, where people will stand, and who will do what (if I am available!). The next time I see you is your wedding day!  I will deliver a memorable ceremony based on the feedback from you, your family, and your friends. Your wedding day is all about connection and community (which your ceremony will reflect), and it will be remembered for years to come.


Spoiler Alert: you get married! Immediately following the ceremony, I will need your witnesses — usually the Maid of Honor and the Best Man — to sign your marriage license (either you or I can mail it to the Recorder of Deeds the next day).  After that, it's party time!

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