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  • Interfaith Ceremonies

  • Renewal of Vows

  • Elopements

  • Happily Ever After (see below for details)

St. Louis Wedding Officiant

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happily ever after

Once the wedding day is over, living together “officially” becomes reality. It’s the “little things” in marriage that can become the “big things”.  Strengthening your communication and conflict resolution skills before your nuptials, or at the beginning of your marriage, or after being married for a couple of months (or even several years), is key to a long, healthy, and sustainable partnership.

It’s often said that we “marry our parents” and that’s true to a certain extent. We are raised by people who have influenced us greatly — both in negative and positive ways.  To ensure a healthy relationship, it is important to recognize why you are/were attracted to your partner; understand why you struggle over some issues; effectively deal with baggage from each of your pasts.  Because when all of this is dealt with openly in an environment which encourages honesty and trust, you’ll be more likely to move forward…together. 

St. Louis Wedding Officiant

Shelby Deeter, Photographer

In order to create that long term sustainable relationship, you need to be proactive. Interested couples that want to work on keeping their relationship healthy would meet with me meet eight times over the course of a couple of months. Those meetings focus on tools and skills that many of us did not learn back in the day but are now being incorporated in our schools, workplaces, etc. and should be utilized in our homes. These are not counseling or therapy sessions. I am there to facilitate, keep you on track, discuss all of the great things you will be reading about in “Getting the Love You Want” and - most importantly - help you implement them.  You will learn, among other things, how to:
Happily Ever After





Approach problems in a multitude of positive ways.

Incorporate highly effective communication tools.

Build and trust teamwork.

Increase your emotional intelligence quotient.


Create an accountable and caring relationship.


Deal with frustrations in healthy ways.


Live from your purpose and support your partner in their purpose.

…and so much more!

Do you want to have better emotional intelligence skills, learn how to solve conflict in healthy ways, and communicate honestly?

Do you want to help both you and your partner grow as individuals and as a couple?

Contact Moonstone today!

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